Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! I am a self-taught cake artist that has always enjoyed making cakes, and loves getting to be creative with new projects! I'm often asked when or how I got into doing cakes, and quite honestly, there's no great story to it.  I have always just loved cool cakes!  Even as a kid, I loved picking out my birthday cake each year!  Even though "cool" cakes weren't really around much yet back then, and it basically just consisted of a decorated sheet cake from the grocery store!  Gasp!  Eventually, as a teenager, I started trying to make some fun cakes for my family.  Oh, if you could only see those, they were something else!!  Haha!  Luckily, that was before digital pictures and those prints are hidden safely away! It was always just a hobby of mine from then on. Over those years, I gained a foundation of "cake knowledge" and lots of experience through trial and error. I started Confections in Cake after doing my cousins wedding cake and getting encouragement from my husband and family to pursue my hobby as a business. When I first started the business part-time on the side, I was working full-time in Marketing Research at a job I loved!  Y'all, it was my dream job.  But, my business grew and so did our family.  So eventually, I had to make the tough decision to leave my career in the Marketing Research industry so that I could devote all of my attention to cakes and kids! I feel fortunate to have been able to work from home all these years, doing something I really enjoy, while still being there for our 4 kids during their young childhood.  A few years ago, my husband built us a house specifically with my business in mind for the kitchen...you can check it out below.  That's where it all goes down!!  I spend many, many hours in there each week, and you can almost always find me there in the middle of the night on Friday!  For real.  I am lucky to have worked with some great clients over the years, from the brides I meet each and every week, to celebrity clients, to my core group of clients that are very loyal to me and have been here from the beginning!  Some have even turned into great friends!  It's really fun, this job I do!!  I look forward to hearing from new clients because you just never know where the next cake adventure will take you!  Bring it on!

I'm proud to say that I have been awarded The Knot's "Best Of Weddings" award for 6 years in a row, along with their prestigious "Hall of Fame" award!!  You can check out my reviews there, as well.